Dr. Bernard Ars works mainly in private practice, at the Edith Cavell Institute and Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind, I.R.S.A., Brussels.
He is also consultant in the University Hospital Antwerp (U.Z.A.), post-doc researcher in the University Antwerp (U.A.) and professor in High School Leonardo da Vinci, Brussels.
He is professor in several post-graduate international courses in otology.

In clinical practice, his main interest lies in the management of chronic otitis media as well as the use of tympano-ossicular allografts in tympanoplasty.
In the scientific field, his main interest incs the study of pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases of the middle ear cleft,
transmucosal gas exchange in the middle ear cleft, balance of pressure variations in the middle ear cleft as well as morphology of the temporal bone.